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International craft beer import

We import unique and often one-off craft beers worldwide.

International distribution

We deliver craft beers to restaurant, bars and shops worldwide.

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We export rare craft ipa's

With low transfer costs

Micro and nano craft beers are special and thus deserve special care. Time and temperature are essential to keep your craft beers fresh, with our cold chain logistics* we deliver the best beer by refrigerating it 100% from the brewery to your destination.

* Depending on destination country

International export for bars, restaurants and stores

A single case of each craft beer or a mixed pallet of our finest selection of partner breweries. We timely ship and deliver your order at your doorstep. Orders are collected from our warehouse and shipped at a fixed low transfer cost.

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What makes craft beer special?

Our idea of a special craft beer

So what makes a craft beer special? It often depends on the origin of the brewer. Our imagination of a special brewed IPA, sour or stout entails small brewers with lots of creativity and ingenuity that embrace locally sourced, wild harvested and sustainable ingredients, but also brewers that invent crazy flavors you never expected to experience.

Special craft beer, the millenials guilty pleasure is a result of the current craft brewing revolution. A process of creative thinking for a new kind of audience that demands a unique drinking experience every week again and again. At Doctor Drink we embrace this revolution and support even te smallest breweries to meet the millenials increasing demand for unique craft beer.