Who are we?

We supply rare and unique craft beer all around the worldAt Doctor Drink we love that rare one-time craft beer brewed by a home or micro brewery somewhere in the world. As an established craft beer wholesale import, export and distribution company, we make sure bars, restaurants and stores around the world get their hands on exclusive craft beers. But our services go beyond the import, export and distribution of special craft beers, we also stick our heads out when there’s a special craft beer you want to get your hands on, in that case just shoot us a message.

Dennis Segers, a Dutch entrepreneur and beer enthousiast, founded Doctor Drink in 2013 with the goal to make rare fast moving craft beers accessible to a larger public. It started with some Dutch micro breweries but over the years the partnerships expanded to include international craft beer breweries.

What we do

So what is it we actually do? We find that special little micro or macro brewery that offers a selecetion of unique craft beer (especially those fast-moving ipa’s) and import those to the Netherlands and other European destinations. From there we export small and medium quantities around the world. But it doesn’t stop there, depending on the need, for smaller business owners, we take care of distribution and delivery to their local venue.

Why join us?

When you’re a home, micro or macro brewery and like to share your unique creation with the world. But also when you’re looking for international craft beer specialties for your establishment or event. And last but not least, when you’re looking for a partner for effective distribution through gastronomy, retail and wholesale.

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We import only the best craft beers into Europe. Special IPA breweries, as well as Restaurants and bars are welcome to wholesale buy or sell worldwide craft beers.