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Are you a business owner active in gastronomy, owning a store or some other wholesale or retail organisation? Doctor Drink offers you the opportunity to add exclusive craft beer to your inventory at competitive prices. We take care of the complicated logistics of getting unique craft beer to your doorstep.

As a retail organisation, availability and reliability are the most important factors in your supply chain, we understand that, that’s why our organisation is setup to offer unique craft beer products with reliable delivery.

Beer export services for wholesale and retail businessesSo what can you expect? We take care of documentation of excise goods (EMCS / SAAD), shipping and eventually delivery. You focus on selling, we take care of export, import and distribution of exclusive craft beers.

Export for distributors

We offer distributors worldwide access to an exclusive collection of the finest craft beer. We take great pride in our partnerships with breweries, quality service for them and you, the distributor, is our main focus.

Are you a distributor looking for a reliable export partner to expand your craft beer inventory with unique and sometimes one-time brewed craft beer? Do you have a network of retailers eager to sell unique quality craft beer? Than we’d like to come in contact with you and talk about the possibility of exporting our beers to your country.

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