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At Doctor Drink we pride ourselves on our exclusive partnerships with micro and macro breweries. We’re always looking for special craft beer brewers to help expand their brand awareness and marketshare. To do so, we import their unique brand craft beer exclusively to Europe, where we take care of export to other countries as well as distribution to our excisting and ever expanding network of retailers.

Tailormade import for small brewers

So why choose us as your import (and distribution) partner? We specialize in rare special craft beer from around the world, a market of trial and error that deserves a tailormade approach to import logistics. We’re not looking for large scale brewing operations, instead we’re looking for the small guy with unique craft beer recipes. To support the distribution of small breweries, we offer import of full containers, as well as single pallets of their special ipa.

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We import only the best craft beers into Europe. Special IPA breweries, as well as Restaurants and bars are welcome to wholesale buy or sell worldwide craft beers.